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Toddler Program at a Glance

  • School hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with extended day option program 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

  • 12 children in the Toddler Classroom (1.5 to 3 years old)

  • Snacks provided | Lunch not provided

Cole Valley Montessori Toddler Program

The Toddler Program is authentic Montessori education, focused on the whole child—mind, body, and spirit.   

This brief window of time is a precious developmental period for your toddler, whose brain is primed to learn new skills, such as toilet learning, feeding themselves, dressing, and building social and emotional skills.

Language Development
The Montessori classroom is a language-rich environment, where language skills are developed through conversation, storytelling, reading, singing, and nomenclature cards.


Independence Learning

Through practical life activities, children learn to care for themselves and their environment. Our teachers support these growing skills with activities such as putting on/taking off shoes, washing hands, watering plants, feeding the fish, and preparing and serving snacks.

Social Development

Children learn to function within a community, and learn turn taking, respect for others, and conflict resolution, with their independence encouraged by teachers.


Sensorial Activities

Children build hand-eye coordination and enrich their learning experience through puzzles, sewing, painting, and cutting.

Benefits of Montessori Toddler Program

Your toddler will experience benefits including:

  • Toilet learning: Children learn this with ease in a community with optimal support.

  • Independence skills: Children have fewer power struggles because they’re given the time and patience to complete tasks by themselves.

  • Increased focus: Children develop their concentration skills and stamina by becoming engrossed in their self-selected activities. As their ability to focus grows, they begin to happily engage in independent play.

  • Boost in language skills: Children experience a deeper connection, increased confidence, and independence as they become more capable of communicating.

  • Sense of self-accomplishment: Children learn by doing, and everything in the Montessori environment is set up so children can accomplish their tasks with support from the teachers to do things by themselves.

Does Nature make a difference between work and play or occupation and rest? Watch the unending activity of the flowing stream or the growing tree. See the breakers of the ocean, the unceasing movements of the earth, the planets, the sun and the stars. All creation is life, movement, work.
— Dr. Maria Montessori