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Welcome! Cole Valley Montessori provides an authentic Montessori education for children in the beautiful neighborhood of Cole Valley in San Francisco. We are now enrolling for our two founding classes: Primary Program (ages 2.5 to 6 years), and Toddler (ages 1.5 to 2.5 years).

Our teachers serve as a warm and welcoming beacon, helping your child cross the bridge from their home life into the expanded community and the world at large.

Cole Valley Montessori School is committed to each and every student and to their families. We focus on each child’s unique abilities to foster individual development. We value community, connection, and open communication. Our community is built together through family campouts, parent evening sharing circles, workshops, and school-wide playdates. We build relationships between parents, students, teachers, and our administration.   


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Authentic Montessori:
Giving Your Child the Best Foundation Possible

Montessori education is based on the knowledge that a well-prepared environment cultivates naturally responsible, motivated, and curious children. At Cole Valley Montessori, we put great care into creating, what Maria Montessori called the prepared environment, in the classroom and outdoors, that allows these inherent qualities to shine.

Nurturing your child’s love of learning now sets them up for a lifetime of independence, curiosity, confidence, and success. By giving them a learning environment full of choice, power, and responsibility, you’re giving them the priceless ability to create their own experiences, and ultimately, their lives.

We only get one chance to educate and nurture their developing minds. Making the most of this precious time is a gift to your child, one with lifelong return on investment.

What other parents say about the Montessori method...

“If you want an education that really respects your child, honors them and the way they learn...then Montessori is a beautiful way to do that.” Alice L.

“Montessori meets the child where they're at and encourages them to develop their own
passions and interests, but also challenges them to really take ownership of their own learning process.” Carla L.

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“Children will rise to our expectations. If our bar is set low, children will meet that bar. When we know the extent of what they can achieve, we can provide the opportunity for them to meet a higher bar. Montessori reset my expectations for what I know children can accomplish, and the joy they can take in those accomplishments.”